Creative Tourism Experiences in Thailand

Enrich your life through experiential activities, arts, and crafts. Make your vacation a life-enriching experience.

There is a part of you that you have yet to discover.

Most of the time, you travel to discover new places. What if you could discover another side of you during your journey? Through creative tourism experiences, visitors to Thailand can expect life-enriching lessons that reveal undiscovered parts of themselves. From craft making to Thai boxing, agriculture, like rice farming, to traditional massage and preparing our renowned cuisine, local experts are eager to share their knowledge.

Learning opportunities in Thailand abound, in a wide range of school settings, be that a kitchen, boxing ring or mat on a floor.

Thai cuisine is world renowned. Thai massage is appreciated around the globe, and Thailand’s national sport, Muay Thai, leaves spectators in awe and practitioners more confident. All are available for study, and you can increase your immersion in Thailand through a homestay that lets you gain a new appreciation for Thai culture.


Thai cooking is within the grasp of anyone with chefs welcoming visitors into their kitchens to learn the secrets that make Thai cuisine so delicious and healthy. As you well know, it tops the lists of the world’s favorite foods, and visitors can learn how to prepare an array of dishes and take this skill home.

There are courses for all tastes, from one-day classes to weeklong courses. Most have only a handful of students, and with each receiving personal instruction from the chefs, you’ll appreciate you’re new and practical skills as will your family and friends.


Thai massage is another valued skill family and friends will appreciate. Learn about energy meridians and techniques to open up sen lines, the invisible energy channels that flow through the body. Studying Thai massage is a holistic journey that undeniably leads to greater wellness and longevity. After receiving a Thai massage, people have increased energy as well as decreased stress and muscle tension. And the person giving the massage also gains from the experience, including the pride that can only be felt by a healer. Those feelings of compassion and giving kindness are invaluable.


Another study possibility is Muay Thai, often called Thai Boxing or Kick Boxing by foreigners. It is Thailand’s national sport and very prestigious. Dating back centuries, today, an increasing number of people have learned to appreciate it for staying in shape and building self-confidence. What to do at sentosa singapore¬†

Fast paced and exciting bouts are fought in stadiums throughout the country. Fighters strike their opponent with their hands, feet, knees and elbows at lightening speed.

It’s a demanding sport that takes a lot of training, both mental and physical, to reach fighting condition. But the benefits of that training start right away and more and more men and women, Thai and foreign alike, are starting to study Muay Thai for the conditioning.


Thailand feeds the world as the top rice exporting country, and you can learn what it takes to harvest the crop as well as gain a deep appreciation for tilling the soil and caring for the land that sustains us.

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