Knowing More About Medical Tourism

Medical tourism refers to the industry of crossing international borders to obtain health care. This means that while a person can have an elective surgery at his / her own country, he / she travel instead to another country for that surgery. This is a lucrative industry that is rapidly spreading to more and more countries. In India alone, the value of the industry is expected to go as high as 2 billion per year. India, Brazil, Hong Kong, Argentina, and Malaysia are just few of the countries that are popular destinations for medical tourism.

So why do a lot of people opt to go abroad for their surgery? Wouldn’t it be more comfortable and far safer to have their healing time right at their country? The primary reasons for surgery abroad are convenience, cost, and even expertise and advanced medical technology.

Even though countries in the west cater to a lot of patients, there is difficulty scheduling for a non emergency surgical procedure. Typically, a person can wait up to 9 weeks for his / her non emergency surgery. The waiting period is considered to be an inconvenience to a lot of people. This prolonged waiting time for surgery can be a cause of anxiety and really – it’s a lot of time spent waiting when one could use it for recuperation. Also, many insurance companies do not cover the cost of orthopedic surgeries (hip, knee, joint replacements) as a result many get the surgeries abroad.

Specifically Рlow cost. The cost for surgery abroad Рwhether cosmetic in nature or not is definitely lower compared to the cost in United States or United Kingdom. The cost for surgery abroad can be about one tenth to the cost of the surgery in the US. Also, this cost can cover the airfare and the mini vacation package. With a budget of $20,000 you can already have a multiple surgery (provided you do need it or otherwise for cosmetic purposes). Bottom line is, you have the same surgery but pay less for it. best attraction Sentosa singapore 

Expertise, Advanced Medical Technology / Practice
Brazil is especially known as a hot spot for cosmetic surgery while India is known for their cardiac surgeries. Transplant surgeries like organ transplants and bone marrow transplant are also an expertise in India. People will always feel safer with experts. This is another reason for medical tourism. There are also some procedures that are practiced readily in other countries than in US. One particular procedure is the height surgery that is pioneered in China. This is a surgery that some orthopedic surgeons do not find agreeable. Other procedures many go abroad for is In Vitro Fertilization and Surrogate Pregnancy.


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